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You won’t find a hotel much more centrally situated than Rembrandt Square Hotel. A place where it’s always full of life, inside as much as outside the hotel. Because at the famous Rembrandt Square, that’s where it all happens. Amsterdam not quite enough for you? Imagine yourself being in France by sipping a glass of bubbles at Brasserie FLO, a little part of Paris in Amsterdam.

Enjoy our rooms!

All rooms are equipped with comfortable beds with a wonderful mattress and excellent quality pillows - everything you need to fully enjoy.

Hotel facilities

We do everything to make your stay as pleasant as possible. Of course, the best service and facilities are part of this. How about free Wi-Fi throughout the hotel? Check here which facilities we offer even more.

  • Gratis wifi in het hele hotelFree wifi throughout the hotel
  • Culinary dinner in Brasserie Flo
  • Breakfast in the room